Ahmed and Shereen know...

How do they know?
1. ... if the sum of two internal angles of a
triangle equal 110 degrees then the third angle
will be 70 degrees

a. by faith
2. a candle flame will be extinguished if they cover
the candle with a glass jar.

b. instinctively
3. ... America became independent in 1776

c. by memory
4. ... the Olympic games were held in Atlanta
in 1996

d. because of conscience
5. ...when she dies she is going to heaven.

e. through moral belief
6. ... manufacture of land mines should be

f. logically
7. ... how it feels to be in love.

g. through practice
8. ... how Paolo, who has just failed
his driving test, feels.

h. by introspection
9. ...it is wrong to steal.

i. empirically (by observation, by the use of the
10. ...how to ride a bicycle

j. by empathy
11. ...the moods of their friend, Jane.

k. by acquaintance
12. ... how to breathe.

l. by authority