Les verbes

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The following verbs are ones that are essential to know if you are going to make any progress in French -

être - to be
avoir - to have
aller - to go

être - to be

avoir - to have

aller - to go
je suis - I am
tu es - you are
il est - he is
elle est - she is

j'ai - I have
tu as - you have
il a - he has
elle a - she has

je vais - I go
tu vas - you go
il va -he goes
elle va - she goes

nous sommes - we are
vous êtes - you are
ils sont - they are
elles sont - they are

nous avons - we have
vous avez - you have
ils ont - they have
elles ont - they have

nous allons - we go
vous allez - you go
ils vont - they go
elles vont - they go

To show you how important they are - try taking them out when you speak in English - it is NOT possible to communicate properly.

The best way to learn verbs is to learn the same order of pronouns (je, tu, il/elle singular and nous, vous, ils, elles - plural)